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Staying Healthy Through Fun & Games to Improve Memory

Games are great not just to pass the time but also to keep our minds and bodies healthy.  Obviously, not all games are equal and those with higher degrees of autonomy will be more able to participate in more tenuous activities.  If a game becomes frustrating do not press the person to play on.  Simply, leave it and calmly suggest returning to it at another time.

Seniors or others who suffer from memory issues can benefit from simple games like card matching games.  Colorful images with distinct differences and a slow pace make this game best suited for those suffering dementia or from a recent stroke.

If possible, seek out apps designed to assist in memory training.  These apps can not only provide a source of entertainment but also aid in brain health.  According to, the leading apps available to stimulate one’s brain and maintain mental agility are:

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Did You Resolve for 2017 to Keep Your Family in Their Home?


Did you make a new year’s resolution to keep your loved one at home and comfortable?

According to AARP, 90% of aging seniors would prefer to stay in their homes.  Even 82% of seniors who would have to hire help to maintain daily life would prefer to stay home if possible.    It’s no secret that the comfort, familiarity and emotional attachment of home are important.  ‘Aging in Place’ has become the preferred trend of elderly in America.  And finding the correct caregiver to facilitate that is key to success.  If you are searching for the right care to ensure their safety and happiness there are several factors to consider.




The National Institute on Aging recommends that you begin to compile a list of considerations:  what kind of help you will need eg meals, shopping, cleaning, reminders for medicine, etc.  Also, be aware of what products are available to help address those concerns eg medicine reminder apps, etc.  Your budget for assistance will need to be determined and a list of potential contributors available eg governmental programs. 


Social interaction is very important to ward off loneliness if one chooses to stay at home.  Hiring a caregiver can provide that essential emotional interaction helping to prevent illnesses due to isolation.   As well as look after those who require assistance to move about and avoid injury.


MedStaffers offers long-term home care and short-term respite care to help bring comfort and security to those who need assistance.  Staying in one’s home is the healthiest option for most people and can be achieved with home health care.  Contact MedStaffers today to see what can be done to help keep your family happily in their own home.


Delicious & Nutritious Smoothies & Soups


Smoothies can be a great way to introduce nutrition into the body.   Some of us experience loss of appetite as we age.   Others have difficulty digesting foods or chewing their meals.  In these cases, smoothies are a viable alternative to fork and knife meals.  But, for all of us, adding a smoothie a day can tremendously increase our overall health.  Some foods like blueberries can even increase or help maintain memory.

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Hearing Loss in Aging- Symptoms & Tips

Elderly woman looking up


Approximately 33% of Americans aged 65-74 suffer hearing loss.  That percentage jumps starkly as we age.  50% of those 75 and older experience “disabling hearing loss”.  There are many causes for the loss of auditory senses some of which include:  medications, trauma, diseases, etc.  But, the most common reason for those over the age of 55 to experience hearing loss is due to Presbycusis, the gradual degradation of auditory senses as we age.   Since the process is not immediate it may go unnoticed by the person.  It is important to recognize these symptoms and seek treatment to improve the quality of life.  If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the following symptoms be sure to tell your doctor and MedStaffer caregiver as soon as possible.

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